Liu Chuanhong

1975 · China

Artist biography

Born in 1975, Changchun City of Jilin Province, Liu Chuanhong currently lives and works in Beijing, Changchun and Linxian County, He’nan Province. He is awarded by Asian Cultural Council (ACC) grant in 2015. His important exhibitions include Liu Chuanhong Solo Exhibition-Memoir in Southern Anhui (A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, 2014; School of Tillers in Bishan, 2015), Fairy Dreams in Peach-Blossom-Valley (A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, 2012), The Civll Power-Beijing Minsheng Art Museum opening Exhibition (Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, 2015), Art Asia Shanghai 2014 (Long Art Museum, Shanghai, 2014), Bishan Harvestival (Bishan Village, Anhui, 2012)

Liu Chuanhong is more like a troubadour who is separated from contemporary life. Since 2002, he pertinaciously kept away from urban life, choosing to farm, paint and write in Taohuadong Village in the Taihang Mountains area of Linxian County, Henan Province. During his hermit years, the landscape and life in the mountain became his subject matter.

Liu Chuanhong is an artist full of imagination. He is good at fabricating Liu Chuanhong’s own stories from his own experience, emotional memory and the complicated history. The ‘Lin Chong Enters Northern Henan’ of Liu Chuanhong's edition is a group of works in theater style. The theater is the peach flower valley, in a radius of dozens of square kilometers. While ‘ Journey to the West’ is a story about Xuanzang, a monk in the Tang Dynasty, looking for hermits all over the world.

Liu Chuanhong

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