Lisette Schumacher


Artist biography

Lisette has always had an interest in architecture. Growing up in Rotterdam, there were plenty of fascinating architectonic projects that could serve as subjects for her work. But across borders surrounded by new impressions, is when you can start to expand your own borders. In 2018, Lisette decided to focus on the designs by Le Corbusier, an influential French-Swiss urban planner and architect who attempted to create a better living environment for city folk through his designs. On location, Lisette observes the buildings of Le Corbusier, paying close attention to form, construction and use of light. During a temporary stay, she observes how the function of a building determines the shape, layout, and dimensioning. At the same time, she observes how the lighting effects are optimized for the user. The results of her observations are pure, abstract and spherical works based on technical material research. Light-dark contrasts catch the eye, and the gradients found in the acrylic paint refer to the way in which light falls and spreads into a certain space. In her paintings, all the different lighting situations between day and night are combined. Spaciousness is determined by gradients in colour and contrast, almost identical to the way in which your eyes have to adjust to a dark environment with little light sources.

Lisette Schumacher

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