Lidia Arkhipova


Artist biography

Lidia Arkhipova is a contemporary artist considered well established, Lidia Arkhipova was born in 1924. Artists Joyce Gingold, Peter Voulkos, Betty Ackermann Jaffee, Francesco Andolfato, and Jānis Gleizds are of the same generation.

Further Biographical Context for Lidia Arkhipova

Lidia Arkhipova was born in 1924 and was predominantly inspired by the 1930s. Internationally this period can be best characterised by the clash between the world’s dominant political philosophies - Marxist Socialism, Capitalist Democracy, and the Totalitarianism of both Communism and Fascism. n Europe, Surrealism continued to be the dominant artistic trend; a kind of expression and school of thought that by this time had spread across the globe. In Mexico, artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera incorporated a number of these principals into their radical political ideologies to develop a innovative kind of magic realism.