Li Gang


Artist biography

Chinese artist Li Gang lives on the periphery of contemporary artistic practice, and he likes it that way. For Gang, his art is a means to push beyond trend and embrace his own aesthetic and method, both of which shine in his work.

Gang often begins by assembling a diverse and at times unexpected array of media for his work. He uses these materials as a means to make the all-important mark on his typically large-scale canvases that he decorates with fields of tonal color or pattern that active the surface. His work is not brash but rather reflects a sense of deep introspection, relaying the sensation to the viewer that each aspect of the composition was carefully planned. This level of consideration adds notable depth to Gang’s body of work and encourages the viewer to think more deeply about the connections he develops.

Born in 1986 in Dali, Gang has embarked upon an impressive exhibition schedule in recent years. Notable exhibitions including his works include “Wang Gongyi and Yan Shanchun - Joint Exhibition” at the Galerie du Monde in Hong Kong (2016); “Summer Exhibition” at the Galerie du Monde in Hong Kong (2017); “Forms of Ink” at the Galerie du Monde in Hong Kong (2019); and the solo showcase “Li Gang” at Rolando Anselmi in Berlin (2019).

Li Gang

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