Leonardo Ulian

1974 · Italy

Artist biography

Creating colorful works that reflect the precise variations of a kaleidoscope, Italian artist Leonardo Ulian plays with the very principles of geometry and form in his work.

The level of intricacy in Ulian’s work is truly a feat to behold, as each small tendril or element culminates, as the viewer comes to realize, in the mystical form of the all-powerful mandala. Blending spiritual past with technological present, Ulian’s work offer a striking commentary on meaning and message in the modern day.

Born in Gorizia, Italy, in 197, Leonardo Ulian today is based in London. He has been an active exhibitor of his work in various locales around the globe. Recent showcases include “Technological mandala 48 – Eye of Pula” at Singular Gallery in Pula, Croatia (2015); “‘Devotion” in association with The Byron Collection in Berlin, Germany (2016); and “Real Reality” at Beers London Gallery in London, United Kingdom (2017).

Leonardo Ulian

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