Laura López Balza

1984 · Spain

Artist biography

Laura López Balza is a spanish young artist currently living in Senegal. Her drawings and paintings are energetic, intimate, playful, uninhibited and sometimes acidic. With them she shows and spreads her enthusiasm for the infinite richness and variety of what has been observed, experienced and imagined.

Her work deals with primary emotions in a passionate and expressive way and narrates her own life experience through an inner world composed of tales starring nature, landscape or everyday life. They are minimal stories; remembered, imagined, lived or idealized, that reflect yearnings, preferences or fears; but they are always a song to the “joie de vivre”. Laura “paints to see”, to know and to understand, that's why the title of her first exhibition in La Gran was "Pintar para ver".

Formally we could describe her work as anti-academic, defined by its high intensity in the chromatic interaction and a certain primitivism in the form. It connects with transcendental positions in contemporary art that choose not to rigidly respect the laws of illusionist painting in order to achieve greater expressiveness and interaction.

Laura López Balza

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