Konstantinas Gaitanži

1977 · Lithuania

Artist biography

Konstantinas Gaitanži graduated with a master's degree in painting from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. 2010 The artist obtained a postgraduate degree in art from the Vilnius Academy of Arts and became a member of the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Art Creators' Union. K. Gaitanži has organized 7 personal exhibitions, participated in many group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, and his works were presented at art fairs ArtVilnius. Konstantinas's work is characterized by a somewhat ironic approach to the surrounding environment: “It seems naive to me to expect that modern society can be non-consumer. It can’t be any different. My goal is much more modest. I want to deviate from the template at least sometimes. To create and show a link to something that can be behind modern society, beyond consumerism”. The motifs of the paintings of this period are usually associated with historical traumas, exclusion, exploration of the limits of humanity, and reflection on technological progress. In 2013, Konstantinas became one of the nine Eastern European artists to represent regional art for the first time at the Hong Kong Art Festival.

Konstantinas Gaitanži

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