Katharina Arndt


Artist biography

Her works appear as fetish of consumer culture simultaneously criticized by the artist. Mainstream materials create shiny color surfaces that bring visual appearance and thereby the visual world of the digital age to the foreground. The individual focus on the here and now puts the artist to the test in her works. She uses forms of body worship, fitness, the lust for meat and consumerist desire as symbols for a self-centered vitality in a positive society which resist the notion of one’s transience.It is also reflected in the dichotomous female image of some works. They show emancipated, active and self-confident personalities which are nevertheless tied to negative characteristics such as smoking, drinking, brutality or eroticism. Katharina Arndt’s works reflect numerous levels of pop culture. With their slick aesthetic and immaculate surfaces, they symbolize not only a positivist consumer culture, but above all the psychological hatefulness of society.

Katharina Arndt

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