Katarina Axelsson

1962 · Sweden

Artist biography

Swedish born Katarina Axelsson lives and works between Paris, Yport and Sweden. From 1984 to 1988, she studies at the Beaux Arts in Paris, strengthening her education at the Canterbury College of Arts in 1988 and one at the Beaux Arts in Antwerp in 1989.

The artist takes us on a journey where she explores her ambivalent relationship with nature. With a certain nostalgia she looks back on her childhood memories when witnessing the surroundings that appeared doomed to disappear, in a eco-conscious trend. As a cultural hybrid living between France and Sweden her paintings bears the marks of both her homes, often revealing traditional Scandinavian houses & the iconic and magnificent birch trees and their changing colours. The artist recreates the amazement ones feels realising the power of nature.

Katarina Alexsson's painting combines the effects of density and fluidity, plays with lights and shadows of vegetation. The sanded acrylics creates contrats, depth, and perfectly reproduces the look of the looks of tree barks. Her compositions often demand to take a step back, literally, to seize the optical mix allowing the shapes to finally emerge. The paintings, abstract at first glance, eventually reveal their subjects and horizons. It is all about contrasts, swinging. In the most recent works she adds masterful grids, adding to the illusion. The stripes bring our eyes back to the surface, forcing us to go through to finally discover the depth of the painting and focus on present time.

Katarina Axelsson

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