Karl Monies

1984 · Denmark

Playing with the potential of geometric abstraction, Danish artist Karl Monies uses bold colors and clean contours to bring his dynamic compositional spaces to live.

Creating illusory surfaces that seem to undulate before the viewer’s eyes, Monies’ compositions speak to the power of streamlined geometry and the very rudiments of artistic expression. They pull the viewer in with their perfected palettes and then carry the viewer even further within their fractured frames to create genuinely compelling works.

Born in Copenhagen in 1984, Monies earned his BFA from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2012 and subsequently took up a residency at Bangkok University in 2014. Today, Monies is based once again in Copenhagen and has enjoyed ample opportunity to showcase his work. Recent exhibitions include “Unstable Moments” at the Bakery in Truro, United Kingdom (2016); “Socle du Monde Biennale” in Herning, Denmark (2017); and “Gamut” at Alice Folker in Copenhagen (2018).

Karl Monies

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