Josep Tornero

1973 · Spain

Artist biography

Josep Tornero, (Valencia, 1973) has a degree and a PhD in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Murcia, respectively. In the latter he is a teacher. In his work, basically painted, he tries to elaborate ideas and concepts from imaginaries in which to introduce enigmas, focusing on the non-visible from an approach to the history of images, thus promoting the idea of return. Thus, an interest in discovery arises, which is felt as a visual experience referring to similarity and dissimilarity, to figure and disfigurement, to form and formlessness. Starting from a previous work of research and archive, Josep Tornero makes pictorial installations as a collage, looking for correspondences between apparently unconnected images that allow to build a story. The extraordinary use of black and white and the dragged paint effects come to highlight the crudeness of the dying light from which emerge, like ghosts of the past, images that try to remove the conscience of the spectator.

Josep Tornero

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