Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.)

1968 · Venezuela

Artist biography

Jose Alvarez first emerged as a performance artist where he created and channelled a 2000 year-old spirit named Carlos. Albeit charismatic, at the height of his performance was an attempt to explore the multifaceted experience of being human. Alvarez has recently taken a new artistic path creating intricately composed collages using natural materials. Hot, lively colours and bold patterns permeate his work as he references topics of connection and consciousness. Folding inwards and bending outwards, spirals inhabit Alvarez’s canvases with a subtle nod to 1960s psychedelia and a desire to provide the viewer with an outlet for contemplation.

Jose Alvarez was born under the name Veyvi Orangel Pena Arteaga in 1961 in Venezuela and he now resides and works in South Florida. Alvarez felt a strong pull to America and was desperate to escape Venezuela. As a young homosexual man, Alvarez experienced the harsh brutalities of homophobia from Venezuelan authorities and wanted to escape the fear and inequalities of his home country. In 1995, Alvarez graduated from the School of the Visual Arts. Alvarez has exhibited his work at many reputable institutions such as The Kitchen in New York, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood in Florida, and the Akron Museum in Ohio.

Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.)

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