Jonathan Vivacqua

1986 · Italy

Artist biography

Influenced by the sea and constant change and evolution, Jonathan Vivacqua’s work sees space as an extension of his art through its contrast between solidity and matter. Utilising architectural elements and the concept of disintegration and reformation, Vivacqua’s sculptural and installation pieces work with endless forms and mediums, to make change their only constant.

Born in 1986 in Erba, in the province of Como, Italy, Jonathan Vivacqua studied art at the Accademia di Brera under the artistic mastermind Alberto Garutti. His work is deeply influenced by artists that push the boundaries of space such as Jeff Koons and Richard Serra.

Vivacqua has enjoyed solo and group exhibitions throughout Italy. In 2015 he completed an artistic residency at the Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza, Italy.

Jonathan Vivacqua

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