Jonas Maas

1985 · Germany

Artist biography

Jonas Maas is a mid-career contemporary visual artist, who originates from Germany, like other artists such as Konrad Klapheck, Alexander Braun, Simon Pasieka, Sabine Banovic, and Violetta Del Conte–Race. Jonas Maas was born in 1985. Artists Raquel Melgue, Hannah Epstein, Jaydee, Marco Braunschweiler, and Jemima Kirke are of the same generation.

About Jonas Maas' work

Jonas Maas is renowned for producing abstract work. Abstract art first came to be in the early 20th century, as a new and rather radical form of art. Artists were looking for a way of expressing the societal changes occurring at the time, and release their creative energy, thus moving away from figurative art. With abstraction, the artists distance themselves from any accurate representation of reality, and the visual qualities often put in focus in such non-representative works are colours, shapes and textures. Some of the most influential contemporary art movements born from Abstraction include Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism, with key figures such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollock. With abstract art, a sense of self-renewing freedom is materialising through the artworks, in a new tradition of creativity.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Jonas Maas is represented by Philipp von Rosen Galerie in Cologne, Germany. Jonas Maas' work has most recently been exhibited at Philipp von Rosen Galerie in Cologne (08 November 2019 until the 17 January 2020) with the exhibition spectre. Jonas Maas' work has also been exhibited during the The Space of Painting exhibition at Philipp von Rosen Galerie in Cologne, Germany (24 May 2019 - 30 August 2019).

Jonas Maas has ten works for sale currently available on Artland.

Further Biographical Context for Jonas Maas

Born in 1985, Jonas Maas was largely influenced by the 1990s in the early years of the artist's life. In the United Kingdom, a group of artists known as the YBAs, or Young British Artists, dominated the artistic culture of the decade. They were a loosely affiliated and diverse group, united generally by their age and nationality. A number of the members had attended the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths in London, and were favoured by Charles Saatchi, the ‘super collector’ of art at the time. The most well-known member of YBAs is arguably Damien Hirst, and other members included Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Gavin Turk, Sarah Lucas and Sam Taylor-Johnson (née Sam Taylor-Wood). Through their use of shock tactics and sensationalism, the YBAs garnered a divisive reputation image which was further fuelled by their use of throwaway materials, wild lifestyles and an attitude that was at the same time rebellious and enterprising. The group dominated the British art scene in the 1990s and their group show ‘Sensation’ is now viewed as legendary. The art world was influenced by a number of trends throughout the 1990s, the divisive, hyper-realistic sculptures of Maurizio Cattelan and the sensitive, conceptual work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres epitomised the atmosphere of the era.

Jonas Maas

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