Jon Pilkington

1990 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

British artist Jon Pilkington investigates the potential of abstraction through a pastiche blend of forms and references in each composition.

Seemingly collaging together different realms in each work he creates, Pilkington draws the viewer into his work with this sense of visual levels. Using scintillating color and compelling illusions of texture, Pilkington offers a way forward for the abstract aesthetic.

Born in Great Britain in 1990, Pilkington earned his BFA from the University of Lancashire in 2011 and subsequently completed his MFA at the Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2013. Pilkington is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Recent exhibitions of his work include “Jon Pilkington” at Peter von Kant in London (2015) and “Going to Market, Returning Home” at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen (2019).

Jon Pilkington

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