Johan Furåker


Artist biography

Johan Furåker is a visual artist, who originates from Sweden, like other prominent artists such as Moki Cherry, Paizano, Peter Frisk, Anneè Olofsson, and Denise Grünstein.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Johan Furåker is represented and exhibited by two galleries. These are Printer's Proof in Valby, Denmark and Galleri Flach in Stockholm, Sweden. Johan Furåker most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Lundgren Gallery in Palma (01 November 2019 until 11 January 2020) with the exhibition Las chicas (Avignon). Johan Furåker's other most recent exhibitions recorded on Artland include the exhibitions at; Stene Projects in Stockholm (26 March 2020 - 25 April 2020) with the name Solo exhibition and Galleri Flach in Stockholm (06 April 2017 - 13 May 2017) with the name Becoming Zero.

Johan Furåker