Joël Andrianomearisoa

1977 · Madagascar

Artist biography

Antananarivo (Madagascar), Andrianomearisoa is a versatile artist whose unique approach towards art results in mysterious and evolving works. Mixing materials, textiles and colors, the artist gives shape to the multifaceted human relationships and feelings and those pulses of life he captures from urban space. Smells, noises, lights, images and all the incessant movements that generate city life compose his universe without imprisoning him in a specific geographical space.

His works show a combination of opposing forces and ambivalent movements of affirmation and negation, always conveying a sense of fragility. Although Andrianomearisoa does not usually imagine the finality of his installations, he aims to take the viewer to an unexpected, surprising place. Constantly reinterpreted and renewed, his artworks experiment every possibility in order to create new languages: the monochrome is continuously challenged. Being at the same time one and thousand colors, his omnipresent black is a permanent challenge that urges the artist to reinterpret and renew the color unceasingly. Depending on the material as well as lighting angle, his blackness unfolds in endless nuance. It is not just a color to him, but also an attitude toward the world. Black is enthralling, sometimes disturbing, but it makes sense everywhere, giving the artist the freedom to deconstruct and disintegrate the structure of the work.

— Submitted by Sabrina Amrani

Joël Andrianomearisoa

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