Joani Tremblay

1984 · Canada

Artist biography

Through painting and sculpture, Joani Tremblay investigates the perception of place through the relationship between landscape and its simulations and reproductions. In our contemporary times our understanding of place has been entirely affected by its many simulations and reproductions, ranging from films and photographs to theme park attractions, computer games and advertisements, from pages to screens to physical spaces and back again. This sense of multiple—and yet simultaneously layered—experiences of place influences their process. Tremblay does not paint from traditional observed landscapes, but from a constructed idea of a place assembling images from a variety of sources, both old and new (advertisements, postcards, Instagram architecture influencers, social media, mass communications, and from field research). Tremblay assembles these images in digital collage testing hundred possibilities before translating them into painting and considering different application of the oil paint. The artist further emphasizes a sensitivity towards place by installing sculptures, as well as paintings, in their solo exhibitions.

Joani Tremblay

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