Joan Cornellà

1981 · Spain

Artist biography

Carrying the art of the comic into uncharted territory, Spanish illustrator and cartoonist Joan Cornellà has developed a style that pushes the bounds of propriety. Conjuring imagery that is at times frightening and at others off-putting, Cornellà has shown the art world of the deep visual impact that comic art and illustration can have.

Across his body of work, Cornellà cleverly pairs bright colors and seemingly cheery personalities with rather macabre activities at play. This duality plays on the very connotations of cartoon art yet subverts expectations as if to reveal to the viewer its seedy underbelly. The effect is rather captivating: while the gruesome elements remain, it is challenging to pull away.

Since 2010, Cornellà has developed an international following for his work. His illustrations and cartoons have appeared in major publications, such as El Jueves and Fracasa Major. He published the fourth book of his work, entitled Zonzo, in 2015, the same year as his debut exhibition at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, California.

Joan Cornellà

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