Ji Lei

1972 · China

Artist biography

Ji Lei was born in Chengdu in 1972. He has been teaching in the Art College of Sichuan University since 2001.He uses paintings and installations to explore the possibilities of art language from the perspective of psychology and visual sense. His works series from Place of Game, Insomnia Town have been presented in several exhibitions. In addition, works from the exhibitions of Turning Point: Contemporary Art In China Since 2000, Dissensus Agitation—The painting to language and Conscious: Twelve Views On Painting also bring his excellent works. The recent exhibitions that he attended are: Trans-Land—Ji Lei’s Solo Exhibition in A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu; Insomnia Town In Yokohama—Ji Lei’s Solo Exhibition in Yokohama Creative city Center of Japan; Place of Games-Ji Lei’s Solo Exhibition in Boers-Li gallery of Beijing; Turning Point: Contemporary Art In China Since 2000 in Mingsheng art museum of Shanghai; Conscious: Twelve Views On Painting” in Tang Contemporary Art of Beijing.

Ji Lei faces his own problems in the way of painting, at the same time he goes back to the problem of language with his experience and consistent thinking. He had an intuition of "being rational", and used emotion and experience as the motive to penetrate the surface of daily picture, and to look for the possibility and find out his way to get along with the world from the real world to the imaginary world.

Ji Lei

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