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Jesper Skov Madsen is an artist, who originates from Denmark, like other celebrated artists such as Mads Madsen , Jacob Mathias Egeberg, Camille A Janssen, Anne Vilsbøll, and Tommas Jørgensen.

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Jesper Skov Madsen's work is characteristic of the fields of Design, Abstraction and Conceptual. Design, sometimes also known as applied arts, is a genre that encompasses a variety of categories such a fashion design, graphic design and industrial design. While the borders between art and design are blurry, some influential movements that have challenged the use of everyday life objects include The Arts and Crafts Movement and the Bauhaus, which were able to successfully unite artistic creativity and manufacturing.

Abstract art first came to be in the early 20th century, as a new and rather radical form of art. Artists were looking for a way of expressing the societal changes occurring at the time, and release their creative energy, thus moving away from figurative art. With abstraction, the artists distance themselves from any literal representation of reality, and the visual qualities often put in focus in such non-representative works are colours, shapes and textures. Some of the most influential contemporary art movements born from Abstraction include Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism, with key figures such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollock. With abstract art, a sense of self-renewing freedom is materialising through the artworks, in a new tradition of creativity.

For a conceptual artist, the artwork needs to detach itself from any sort of traditional representation of what is art, and invite the viewer to enter a world of ideas and concepts, detached from the material reality. Indeed, the essence of Conceptualism lies in the fact that the idea behind the artwork has significantly more importance than the completed artwork itself. As a defined movement, Conceptualism first came to be in the late 1960s, with figures such as Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner and Yoko Ono. The most revolutionary feature of Conceptual Art is that the artwork can take the form of anything, from writings to performances, to a derived use of everyday objects - the boundaries of art are thus defied, the tradition is critiqued. Conceptualism has been, and still remains, subject to controversy and debate, due to its tendency to challenge the audience. As a contemporary movement, is it often used as a medium to defy institutions, societal structures and political systems.


Jesper Skov Madsen most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Galleri Benoni in Copenhagen (08 September 2017 until 07 October 2017) with the exhibition What a Time To Be Alive 08.09 - 07.10 Jesper Skov Madsen Peter Mohall Kristian Touborg. Jesper Skov Madsen's other most recent exhibitions recorded on Artland include the exhibitions; Nothing You Have to Understand (15 June 2017 - 18 August 2017) at Galerie Mikael Andersen in Copenhagen and Copenhagen Dreaming #1 (30 November 2018 - 06 January 2019) at Pablo's Birthday in New York.

Currently, Jesper Skov Madsen has one work for sale on Artland.

Jesper Skov Madsen in private collections

There are three collectors in possession of art by Jesper Skov Madsen at Artland. These collectors include Jens-Peter Brask, Lars Holst, and Emil Hesk Møller, who also has works by other artists including Banksy, Anselm Reyle, and Miriam Tölke.

Historical Context of Denmark

As the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark has often been rather influenced by the Germanic culture of Northern Europe, which borders its southern frontiers. This sensibility is often mixed with the Nordic attributes of restraint and melancholy in its arts. At the end of the nineteenth century, and in the earlier part of the twentieth, Denmark originated an extremely important painter of Post-Impressionism, Vilhelm Hammershøi. Renowned for his melancholic and extremely sparse interiors, Hammershøi's reputation was founded on his ethereal representations of light and shadow in modest, elegant interiors, most often his own residence. In the later twentieth century, Denmark was a significant country in the CoBrA movement of Expressionist painting, where the naming convention was derived from the cities of the founding members - the Co standing for Copenhagen on behalf of Danish artist Asger Jorn. Established in 1949, CoBrA's vivid colours and vibrant childlike figures became both a scandal and sensation. Other critically acclaimed modern and Danish artists include Per Kirkeby, Olafur Eliasson, Danh Vō, Sergej Jensen and Tal R.

Jesper Skov Madsen

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