Jeanne Bouchart

1967 · France

Artist biography

Jeanne Bouchard graduated from the Beaux Arts in Paris in 1992. From 1992 and 1995 she was in residence in Casa de Velasquez in Madrid. She was awarded the Grand Prix from the Simone and Cino del Duca in 1995 and the Prix of the Fondation COPRIM in 1996.

"I found in the ancient technique of direct was the only way to create the light and fugitive silhouettes that I imagine in my head. They sometimes

Travaillant la cire directe, elle explique : « J’ai trouvé dans la technique ancestrale de la « cire directe » la seule manière de faire exister durablement les figures légères et fugitives qui me trottent dans la tête. They sometimes allow themselves to be grasped, taking shape thanks to plants and wax. The fragile and work thus obtained will then be entrusted to a founder who will rise to the challenge of bringing it back to life from ashes: after the evaporation at very high temperature in a refractory mold the molten bronze must slip into the slightest folds to be finally revealed in its full density. This technique remains random and requires very special attentions; some sculpture will not make it after the melting and disappear without any further trace, others can be altered or 'come out' miraculously. In this case some will be molded and will give birth to a 'family'".

Jeanne Bouchart

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