Janosch Jauch

1985 · Germany

Artist biography

Janosch Jauch (1985, Karlsruhe, Germany) lives and works in Düsseldorf, where he has been graduated in sculpture and painting at the Kunstakademie (2014), under the teaching of Georg Herold , Andreas Gursky and Ludger Schwarte.

His recent researches are bringing together photographic images of installations, digital interventions, and physical surfaces using photographic silver emulsion.

He has shown his work at Bistrot21 (2018, Leipzig), Kunsthaus Essen (2019), Bistrot21 (2018, Leipzig), Storage Capacité (2018, Berlín), Swab art fair (2018, Barcelona), Espositivo (2018, Madrid), Museum Kunstpalast (2013, Düsseldorf) and many other places.

Janosch Jauch