Jan Van Oost

1961 · Belgium

Artist biography

The visual artist Jan Van Oost lives and works alternately in Ghent and Tuscany. Since the mid-eighties, he has been making drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations, in which temptation and transience are recurring key terms.

The entirety of his oeuvre is a symbolic interpretation of human existence, which he calls up through recognisable objects that express specific feelings: A coffin, a skeleton, a child's head, a veiled woman's body. The expression of his pictures always enters into an open dialogue with the viewer, who is challenged to face his own fears and emotions.

His choice for resistant, precious materials such as gold, silver and marble stands in sharp contrast with the vulnerability that is exposed. The notion of the end of life is a central concept in his work, together with the ritual of suffering, as a constant warning of our own mortality. Besides skulls and torsos, the image of the woman is explicitly present in his oeuvre.

Jan Van Oost

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