Jaime Angelopoulos

1982 · Canada

Artist biography

Jaime Angelopoulos is seen as an established mid-career contemporary artist, who originates from Canada, like other celebrated artists such as Karla Doell, Stikki Peaches, Shaan Syed, Heidi Spector, and Edith Beaucage. Jaime Angelopoulos was born in 1982.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Jaime Angelopoulos is represented by two galleries. These are Arsenal Contemporary | New York and LVL3 in the United States.

Further Biographical Context for Jaime Angelopoulos

Jaime Angelopoulos was born in 1982, grew up during the 1990s and was influenced by the artistic atmosphere of the time. In the United Kingdom, a group of artists known as the YBAs, or Young British Artists, dominated the artistic culture of the decade. They were a loosely affiliated and diverse group, connected generally by their age and nationality. A number of the members had attended the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths in London, and were favoured by Charles Saatchi, the ‘super collector’ of art at the time. The most well-known member of the group is arguably Damien Hirst, and other members included Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Gavin Turk, Sarah Lucas and Sam Taylor-Johnson (née Sam Taylor-Wood). Through their use of shock tactics and sensationalism, the YBAs gained a divisive public image which was further fuelled by their use of throwaway materials, wild lifestyles and an attitude that was at the same time rebellious and enterprising. The group dominated the British art scene in the 1990s and their group show ‘Sensation’ is now viewed as legendary. The art world was influenced by a number of trends throughout the 1990s, the divisive, hyper-realistic sculptures of Maurizio Cattelan and the sensitive, conceptual work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres characterised the atmosphere of the era.

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Jaime Angelopoulos

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