Jacob Dahlstrup

1985 · Denmark

Artist biography

Danish paper artist Jacob Dahlstrup’s greatest interest in life, the marine life, has been a source of inspiration and a recurring theme in his life, from childhood to adulthood. Due to his curious nature, he invented a unique paper craft called “paper tattoos” and dove right into the traditional Western expression.

As a child, Jacob Dahlstrup was very fond of the marine life. He could spend whole summers in a rowboat out on the lake with only a fishing rod resting against the boat's edge as his only company. At the time, his entire world consisted of sailing boats. Over the years, Jacob's passion resulted not only in the restoration of a sailboat, he also spent a few years in a fishing hut in Copenhagen's south harbor. The boat restoration eventually had to be put on hold when he started the project of converting the fishing hut into an art studio. His time spent in the port taught him about the life experiences of sailors who later inspired his art in many ways. Although his interest in boats and marine life is still very present in everything he does, his attention is mainly with his family, their new house and his art nowadays.

Jacob Dahlstrup

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