Jack West

1968 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Duality is at the very root of the sculpture that English artist Jack West creates. On the one hand, his work explores the links between the real and the virtual world; on the other, and certainly closely linked, is the age-old connection between man and machine.

West creates both physically dimensional sculptures as well as CGI video installations wherein the forms he creates in reality take center stage and become animated in intriguing ways. By allowing for this exchange between worlds. West’s work poses an important question regarding the role of technology and its ability to parallel yet also diverge from our modern world. By breaking down these barriers between these two realms through such technology, West allows his audience to contemplate where they truly exist amid these relics of the future.

Born in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s and today based in London, West earned his BA from Chelsea College of Art in 2010. He completed his MFA in 2014 with the Slade School of Fine Art, and in 2016 he was lauded by being the recipient of the Kenneth Armitage Young Sculptor Prize. That same year he was also one of the artists named in Bloomberg New Contemporaries. He enjoyed the first solo exhibition of his work in 2017 at Castor-London.

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Jack West

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