Jack Burton

1988 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Jack Burton’s works can loosely be described as paintings, though they include a multi-media approach that includes both photography and collage. Influenced by movements such as pop, expressionism, abstract and street art, he merges each of these media within individual works to create an image where each jostles for primacy, and where the perceptions and expectations of each is also disrupted. His works are free and executed with apparent rapidity, arraying elements as if they originated from the artist’s subconscious, or from an absurd dream formulated therein. This explosive and vertiginous arrangement of visual stimuli transcends that which painting or conventional photography is able to convey. Multiple sources appear to influence the content and compositions, sources that speak of the fast-moving, advertising-saturated, post-industrial commercialism of contemporary society. The works relentlessly bombard us in much the same experiential way as a journey through all facets of our environment would do aboard a fast-moving train. Born in Barry, South Wales, in 1988, Burton graduated in 2017 at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and holds a BA in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art and Design. He currently lives and works in Brussels. Jack Burton is represented by Elika Gallery in Athens. His more recent solo exhibitions include ‘Emotional Paintings about Economics’ at Josh Lilley (London) in September 2018, ’Long Journey, Fever-Dream’ at Elika Gallery (Athens) and ‘Soft Diary’ at castor Projects (Deptford) in September 2017.

Jack Burton

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