Irene Cruz

1987 · Spain

Artist biography

Consistently exploring the potential of light, Spanish photographer and video artist Irene Cruz uses her frame to study the artful juxtapositions of the body and in nature. Amplifying light to draw her audience’s attention to the contrast between pale flesh and profound landscapes, Cruz succeeds at developing a fascinating world.

It is Cruz’s mastery of light that has helped her to cross over into the field of cinematography, and it is this same expertise that makes her photography undeniably compelling. The positioning of her figures helps to create a dynamic in which humanity is but a small fragment in a larger, rugged, natural world, hence Cruz’s images encourage viewers to contemplate the parallels their own existence.

Cruz was born in Madrid and graduated from the Universidad Complutense with a degree in Communications and Public Relations. Subsequently she pursued an International Masters wherein she gained additional insights in the field of conceptual photography, which helped fuel the development of her subsequent photography series. She has enjoyed the display of her work in hundreds of exhibitions and galleries around the globe, one of the highlights being her invitation in 2017 to La Quatrième Image Photography Fair in Paris. She has also expanded her film credits, working that same year as production director for one of Alejo Moreno’s feature films.

Irene Cruz

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