Hyun Ae Kang

1965 · Republic of Korea

Artist biography

Hyun-Ae Kang was born in South Korea and received her Bachelor in Fine Arts and her Masters in Fine arts from Ewha University where she studied modern sculpture, and now currently resides in the United States. Her earlier works were predominantly large scale sculptural pieces that explored the visual and textual contrasts of metals, woods, and stone; although she has ventured into other mediums, including painting and ceramics, her expertise in and intimacy with sculpture can still be seen and felt in the rich texture of all her works. In her career spanning decades and continents, Hyun-Ae Kang has worked in various mediums and with a myriad of materials in order to explore fully her relationship with the divine. As a painter, sculptor, and ceramicist, Hyun-Ae Kang views the process of creating art as meditation and her artworks as dialogues with the sacred. Her artwork has been displayed at the Art Museum of Seoul since 1993 and at the Brea Museum Historical Society since 2016, Muzeo museum 2018 are part of private collections. She has had a number of solo exhibitions and has participated in several group exhibitions in both the United States, Europe, and Asia. She has been selected to participate in numerous international art fairs and invitational exhibitions, including Art Miami, Art Central Hong Kong, Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary, LA art show, Art Shanghai, Art New York. Kang's work will also be featured in an upcoming retrospective at Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center in Anaheim, California in 2021. The exhibition will be the first retrospective for the artist in the United States and will showcase works from her early career in South Korea as well as her most current projects. The exhibition, which will span the entire 5000 square feet of the museum space, will include works of sculpture, painting, and ceramics by the Korean-American artist.

Hyun Ae Kang

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