Hugo Stuber

1976 · Spain

Artist biography

"Hugo Stuber's paintings and drawings capture a common theme: advertising. His works are like commercials - striking, explosive, onomatopoeic. His motives are snatched from advertisements; his stylistic devices are taken from the visual arts of graphic design and illustration. The picturesque reproduction transports the modern context into an original, elemental correlation and is understood as both an estrangement, and a return.

Fragments in the form of advertising-claims and slogans carry connotations of ideal and topical conditions. Through their placement in the images, they become tactile and reflect the illusion behind the advertisements: that the incomprehensible states and feelings of the individual are actually made tangible and sold as goods. Hugo Stuber's colourful Polyversum creates an image of a world in which the expansion of commerce and media coincides with the chaotic growth of cities."

Text: Linda Hardjanegara

Hugo Stuber

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