Hong Yu

1963 · China

Artist biography

Ms. Hong Yu is a Chinese artist living and working in Fuzhou City. She has been instrumental in preserving the practice of lacquer art, a piece of tangible Chinese cultural heritage, studying under the tutelage of National Master Heju Wang. Ms. Hong Yu is the founder of the “Puyuan” Lacquer Art Studio where she is chief designer, instructing her own students in the best way to preserve and experiment with the ancient art. She has also been the recipient of numerous awards in the course of her career, including Gold and Silver Awards in the Sculpture and Art Competition for Both Sides of Taiwan Strait, as well as Silver and Bronze Awards in the Creative Design Competition for Both Sides of Taiwan Strait. Ms. Hong Yu’s work has been shown in the 3rd Fujian Haixia Creative Artwork Exhibition.

Trained in biology with a focus on traditional tea culture, Ms. Yu's work reflects her keen interest in biological sciences, from atoms, cells, and neurons to ecological relationships between human and animal. It is Ms. Yu's hope that as one views her pieces, they will gain a greater appreciation for humanity’s connection to life on earth in all its forms.

Ms. Yu's presents an analysis of life in its various forms, stages, and relationships in her new exhibit, titled “Life: A Show of Asian Art”. Using the ancient art of lacquer painting first developed in China and Japan, this series captures the cycle of life through traditionally Chinese motifs, instilling Ms. Yu's personal identity into the life she depicts.

— Submitted by Anthony Horth Gallery

Hong Yu

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