Hiva Alizadeh

1989 · Iran

Artist biography

Innovative in his unconventional use of hair across much of his body of work, Iranian artist Hiva Alizadeh uses multicolored strands of hair that extend from his compositions as a commentary on the bounds of reality and fantasy.

Alizadeh uses the element of hair to recall its universal connection with humanity, however the electric array of colors witnessed immediately informs the viewer of the artificiality of these constructions. Setting forth these tensions – and also playing with the textured nature of the compositional surface – make Alizadeh’s work irresistible.

Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1989, Alizadeh is a self-trained artist who first entered the field with the creation of experimental film. These early pursuits eventually blossomed into larger artistic investigations and wider recognition for his work within the art world. In addition to working as a director for some cutting edge documentaries, Alizadeh has also enjoyed the showcase of his work in exhibitions including “Mirror Calligraphy” at Twenty six Gallery of Contemporary Art in Tehran, Iran (2015); “Ping-Pong” at Shirin Gallery of Contemporary Art in Tehran, Iran (2016); and “Width forty Length Fifty five” at AKNOON Art Gallery in Esfahan, Iran (2018).

Hiva Alizadeh

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