Hell Gette

1986 · Kazakhstan

Artist biography

Hell Gette is a Kazakh women artist whose colorful work, ceramics and paintings are landscapes inspired by digital advertising and pop culture. Gette’s body of work is highly expressive and its imagery fluctuates from dreamlike scenes to apocalyptic scenarios mainly influenced by her early years and immigration to Germany. Born in 1986 in Karabulak, Kazakhstan, Hell Gette has graduated in Painting, Sculpture, and Graphics from the Academy of Fine Arts Munich in 2018. She started to draw and paint in first grade using the art medium as an alternative to the difficulties of scholar integration. The cheerful and chimeric landscape emerges through a plein-air watercolor usually envisioned when traveling. From this canvas, Hell Gette develops a new landscape, integrating photoshopped images enriched with pop-cultured symbols. Her ceramics are characterised by an intense bright color palette that emphasises curves and forms directly inspired by video game figures. Gette’s artistic approach explores the ambivalence of very modern, digital and untouchable visual elements within the visual traditional technique, such as oil painting. Her cheerful creations overcome the idea of visual art as something too far from digital technologies. Hell Gette ambitious creative output brings the viewer to set in a poetic and contemporary fantastic world. Her works are exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in notorious institutions, museums, and galleries such as “#LANDSCAPE3.0”, solo-show at Galerie Karl Pfefferle, Munich (2019) “Reality Ends Here”, Galerie Nachtspeicher23, Hamburg (2019) and “Terre Des Femmes”, Charity Auction Berlinische Galerie/ Sotheby´s, at Berlinische Galerie Berlin (2018).

Hell Gette

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