Hans van Haalen

1957 · Netherlands

Artist biography

Hans van Haalen graduated from the Academie voor beeldende kunsten Arnhem (NL) in 1985. Ever since he has developed a highly methodical practice based on sets of rules and mimetic principles. Through conceptual parameters, he tries to achieve a disconnect between the figurative sign and its implied meaning and place. For instance, this could mean limiting yourself to only use shapes found in a leaflet called 'Spanish for beginners' for a period of several years. Portraits become patterns and fragments of the news become shapes on a canvas. Hans has built an immense archive of clippings, photographs, leaflets and other seemingly unconnected visual materials over the past decades. This living archive, which includes his own previous works, is constantly reconfigured and rescaled. His practice playfully blurs the lines between painting, print and the moving image. In his process of detachment of narrative, he confronts us with the human need to connect the threads, and how little regard the universe as a whole has for this wish.

Hans van Haalen

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