Gustavo Prado


Artist biography

Gustavo Prado is a visual artist, who was born and brought up in Brazil, like other famous artists such as Waltercio Caldas, Marlon De Azambuja, Dora Longo Bahia, Rafael Alonso, and Rubem Valentim.

Gustavo Prado's exhibition

Gustavo Prado's work has most recently been exhibited at Galerie Richard | New York in the United States (29 April 2019 until 21 June 2019) with the exhibition Assembly.

Gustavo Prado in private collections

On Artland Gustavo Prado's art can be found in the collection of Tatiana Coutinho and , who for instance also has works by other artists including Qafar Rzayev, Choi Jun Kun, and Won Sou-Yeol.

Gustavo Prado

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