Gustav Klimt

1862 - 1918 · Austria

Artist biography

Gustav Klimt is an Austrian painter, well-known through his abstract, yet classic style. Some of the most famous paintings of Klimt are The Kiss (1907), Fritza Riedler (1906) and Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907). Klimt was born in 1862 in Vienna, which was a city that he would eventually greatly influence through his art style. His early paintings were mainly murals, however his most recognized paintings included a pastel-like skin painted on bodies that were encompassed by shapes and figures, all bordered by a gold setting. Klimt’s art was the beginning of a modern transformation of art in the city of Vienna, eventually impacting many forms of modern art. Klimt was also influenced by Japanese art which explains where some of the expressions involved in his most famous paintings came from.

Klimt’s style can be felt through many different expressions and relates a lot to the purity of the human body. The presence of symbolism involved in his art gives a great inspiration to many different artists at the time and still impacts many artist’s styles to this day.

Klimt began his education at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in architectural painting (1876). His career started out with mural work and was honored by the universities of Munich and Vienna. Eventually, Klimt founded the Vienna Secession, which was an artistic revolution on the limitations on the ‘academic’ style of painting and eventually led to the modernization of art in the city of Vienna. Klimt died in 1918 and rests in the city of Vienna, where he is still widely celebrated.

Gustav Klimt

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