Gustas Jagminas

1979 · Lithuania

Artist biography

Gustas Jagminas is a graduate of Vilnius Academy of Arts with a degree in painting. Jagminas is a skilful colourist, preferring to paint in heightened hues, high contrast, making good use of structure and figurativity. He draws inspiration from nature, his own experiences, close observations. He does not seek cheap commercialism. He knows how to analyze, deconstruct and reconstruct nature. Critics prise Jagminas' oeuvre for purity and his masterly use of colour. In his work, Jagminas delves into the nature of painting itself, deconstructing natural landscapes into abstractions of colour, yet leaving them patently recognizable. Although the titles of his paintings may sound somewhat decadent, with a hint of Romanticism, they are highly topical in subject matter and can be quite ironic. Jagminas' works have been presented in art fairs ArtVilnius’17, Positions Berlin 2017, YIA Paris #11 (2017), Positions Berlin 2018, ArtVilnius'19.

Gustas Jagminas

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