Gry Hege Rinaldo

1974 · Norway

Artist biography

Gry Hege Rinaldo is seen as an established mid-career contemporary artist, who was born and brought up in Norway, like other well-known artists such as Lars Laumann, Sandra Chevrier & Martin Whatson, Geir Stadheim, Kjell Erik Killi Olsen, and Frants Bøe. Gry Hege Rinaldo was born in 1974.

Gry Hege Rinaldo's Gallery representation

Gry Hege Rinaldo is represented and exhibited by galleri NB in Viborg, Denmark.

Further Biographical Context for Gry Hege Rinaldo

Gry Hege Rinaldo was born in 1974, grew up during the 1990s and was inspired by the artistic atmosphere of the time. Art in the 1990s was defined at the beginning of the decade by a group of artists in the United Kingdom that came to be known as the YBAs, or Young British Artists. They were a diverse collective of practitioners, affiliated loosely by their age, nationality, and their association with Goldsmiths and the Royal College of Art in London, as well as being favoured by super collector of the time Charles Saatchi. The most renowned artist of the group is Damien Hirst, who was also an early organiser of group activities. Other artists included Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Gavin Turk, Sarah Lucas and Sam Taylor-Wood. Much of their art became noted for shock tactics and the sensationalism of both material and message. They also became known for their use of throwaway materials, wild-living, and an attitude that was simultaneously counter-culture rebellion but also entrepreneurial. They achieved considerable amount of media coverage and dominated British art during the decade. Their international shows in the mid-1990s included the now legendary ‘Sensation'. A proliferation of trends characterised the decade, including the highly irreverent sculpture of Maurizio Cattelan, and highly sensitive advancements of conceptualism as evidenced by the work of artists like Felix Gonzalez-Torres.