Giovanna Nucci


Artist biography

Giovanna Nucci, a native from the State of Santa Catarina in South Brazil, has always been involved with the understanding of the artistic, aesthetic and poetic aspects of communication. Started her career as a fashion stylist with her own brand were she coordinated photographic essays that brought to her creations new concepts in colors and shapes.

Over the last seventeen years Giovanna turned her creativity to photography, and looking beyond conventions, innovated bringing her fashion style to glamorous productions and Fine Art creations. With dedication and sensibility, became recognized as a highly regarded “portraitist”, capturing in her studio moments of extreme complicity that made this pictures become memories. Graduated in the first University of photography in Latin America, with a major in Art and Culture.

Adding to her work in the fashion industry, Giovanna drives her passion and dedication to portraits and Fine Art, acting in partnership with important architects and galleries, creating pieces to interior designers of corporative and residential spaces.

Giovanna maintains a modern studio, with state-of-the-art equipment at Jardins in São Paulo.

Giovanna Nucci

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