Giorgi shengelia

1977 · Netherlands

Artist biography

Black and Blue   Giorgi Shengelia studied at Tbilisi's State Academy of Arts in Georgia and has since 2003 lived and worked in Bergen, the Netherlands. His work is thematic and conceptual, whereby the point of departure is an interpreted idea: from an entrenched personal emotion to the everyday concerns of a cosmopolitan.   Characteristic of Giorgi Shengelia's art is the stratification in his linear patterns. He makes use of natural colours, sometimes to invoke a strong sense of drama, other times to show a profound lust for life. His work can be found among collections in the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands.   With Black and Blue, a series of expressive paintings and sculptures, Giorgi Shengelia constructs abstract memories of his life on the shores of the Black Sea, Abkhazia in particular, the province of his birth. This may be a picnic on the beach or a study of the local (mountainous) landscapes. Mediterranean colours here, earthly tones there.   His art is at the same time a reflection on life now and in the future on the North Sea coast. For in Bergen, Giorgi Shengelia is experiencing the calm after the storm. And now, too, the sea, landscape and daily life manifest themselves in all shades of hue. From a bright dawn to the shadows of a night-time party. Sometimes framed, sometimes rampant. Black and Blue, and all the tones in between.

Giorgi shengelia

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