Gereon Krebber

1973 · Germany

Artist biography

Building on a repertoire based on biomorphic forms, German artist Gereon Krebber uses his work to pose experimental hypotheses as to the ways in which sculpture, the body, and the mind can align.

Guiding much of Krebber’s work is his passion for experimentation with both medium and form, the result of which is a dynamic array of textures sensed in his art. At the same time, Krebber pushes an examination of the tension between the organic and the manmade, creating a space of the viewer of his work to contemplate many facets in one viewing.

Born in Germany in 1973, Krebber trained at both the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and the Royal College of Art in London. Since completing his studies, he both received numerous awards, including the Jerwood Sculpture Prize in 2003, and has enjoyed ample opportunities to showcase his work. Recent exhibitions of Krebber’s art include “Limbic Turn” at Cindy Rucker Gallery in New York (2015); “ANTIMÖB” at Galerie Christian Lethert in Cologne (2018); and “Tepidarium” at Alexander Levy in Berlin (2019).

Gereon Krebber

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