Artist biography

friedART is a German artist based in Hamburg, who was born and raised in Leipzig. In addition to the artistic influence of her mother, who is an art teacher, Friederike M. attended creating workshops as a child, which significantly shaped her creativity, as she herself claims. After attending the Evening Academy of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (Neo Rauch), she studied extra curricular art education and art therapy in Leipzig and Ottersberg (near Bremen), where she, among other things, learned from a professor, who was also a student of Marina Abramovic, who is one of her idols. The artist gained professional work experiences in the field of art education and art therapy in Leipzig, Bremen and Hamburg as well as in advertising-based photo production (e-commerce) when she moved to Hamburg in 2013. In 2019 Friederike M. began her path as „friedART“ as a second mainstay, with which she soon got her first orders for illustrations in both the catering and film sectors of friends. The artist lives and works in Hamburg, a.o. in the field of art education and also as a volunteer for the Millerntor Gallery of Viva con Agua de St.Pauli, Hamburg.


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