Fredrik Raddum

1973 · Norway

Artist biography

Multifaceted Norwegian artist Fredrik Raddum uses his art as a vehicle for the playful and the serious. Working across the realms of sculpture, photography, and installation art, Raddum conjures fun, almost comic-like forms that also come steeped in profound concepts.

By wooing his audience with the cartoonish nature of his creations, Raddum creates a space wherein these viewers can engage not only with his creations but with the themes and ideas he has ensconced within them. The result is an experience that will keep the viewer of Raddum’s work thinking about his forms long after they have left the gallery space.

Born in 1973 in Sarpsborg, Norway, Raddum attended the Bergen Art School in Bergen, Norway, before enrolling in The National Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, Norway. Today he is based in Olso, Norway. Recent solo exhibitions of his work include “Cover Up,” first shown at the Hans Alf Galleri (Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014) and later at the Gallerie Brandstrup (Oslo, Norway, 2015)

Fredrik Raddum

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