Flurin Bisig

1982 · Switzerland

Artist biography

In his work Swiss artist Flurin Bisig explores, above all, the power of sculpture. By continually questioning how the medium is characterized and defined, he finds impetus for his reflections everywhere in everyday life – from the entangled legs of a couple, to a room marked by the commanding posture of a waitress. The work Viva Last Blues is characterized by this desire to experiment, as are other expressive individual pieces, which at the same time form a unity that clearly originates from the same aesthetic cosmos. Beginning with drawings, the work process involved is slower and more concrete, due to the sculptor’s choice of traditional materials. By this means, they evoke classical sculpture and thus at the same time reanimate the past – or rather, propel it forward. Furthermore, Bisig succeeds in skillfully controlling or even inverting the expected visual effect of his materials. For instance, a piece of tape placed on the edge of a plaster figure appears to hold the solid body together – as if it were a delicate eggshell – thus giving it such an air of instability that viewers approach it gingerly.

In addition to his sculptural practice, for over ten years Bisig has been creating works on paper, which he numbers consecutively. Inspired by Robert Morris’s Blind Drawings and operating under a set of rules, drawings 259–269 (wir körper 1zu4/us bodies 1to4) form a series in its own right.

Flurin Bisig

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