Mick Finch

1957 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Aside to his career of artist, Mick Finch is a leading teacher in Visual Art Practice at the Central Saint Martin School based in London.

Mick Finch’s studio practice was initially based in painting. Since the exhibition Closer Than You Think (Art et Patrimoine, Paris, 1998) his work has increasingly engaged with questions of image and abstraction, moving away from specific questions of painting in favour of open pictorial regimes.

In the article Studio notes: Closer Than You Think, Ply- series, Riposte, Sublimey and Nevermind (The Journal of Visual Art Practice, n°. 8.1/2., 2009) he developed a discussion around his studio practice focusing on the modes of address of images as being akin to rhetorical and aesthetic structures.

From 1996 his work increasingly used image mediation and projection in the production of work and he discussed this context in the article The Night Shift (Contemporary Magazine n°. 58, 2003). Finch lived and worked in France from 1991 – 2008 and became increasingly interested in post-war French and particularly the work of groups such as Supports-surfaces, Ja na pa and BMPT. This was reflected in many of his writing and in terms of the critical context of his studio practice. He formulated a project that examined a problematic whereby, in French the term tableau is often mobilized as an alternative to painting (peinture). This distinction seems one reason why ‘expanded’ forms of painting in France are very distinct in their engagement from non-French manifestations. He gave a talk about his own work in 2009 for ICFAR in London that discusses in detail these issues.

He established the Tableau Project in 2010 that has included a research symposium (the proceedings of which were published by the Journal of Visual Culture, Volume 12, Number 1 in 2013, the conference, Tableau: Painting, Photo, object) at Tate Modern in 2011 and a series of seminars The Tableau Form: methodology and composition given by Jean-François Chevrier at CSM in 2011. Finch’s work from 2010 onward became increasing involved with photo-relief structures and ideas of collage and montage that derive much context from the work of Aby Warburg. This work was developed through a residency at the British School at Rome in 2011 and in the solo exhibition Engrams (The Piper Gallery, London, 2013).

He is soon to publish two articles about the technical apparatus that Aby Warburg utilized. This was in the context of papers presented during Martin Westwood’s Headstone to Hard Drive project. Finch and Westwood are currently collaborating with the Bilderfahrzeugeresearch project at the Warburg institute in London toward stage a colloquium event at the Warburg haus in Hamburg in June 2016.

Mick Finch is the leading teacher in Visual Art Practice at the Central Saint Martin School based in London.

Exhibitions : 017 Inner Landscapes, Dafna Talmor, Ben Nason, Minnie Weisz & Mick Finch,The Sid Motion Gallery, London. 2017 Remembering Henry James: The British-American Connection, curated by Beth Vermeer, 6-20 March, Museo dell'Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti, Genova. 2016 Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am. Cheng Centre for Contemporary Art, 798 Art District, Beijing. 2016 Academic Original Creative, SCFAI - Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Sichuan, China. 2014 (detail), H-Project Space-Bangkok, Transition Gallery-London, Usher Gallery-Lincoln. www.paintingdetail.com

2013 The Perfect Death – Horizons. The Lion & Lamb, London with Phillip Allen, Jo Bruton, Tom Chamberlain, Dan Coobes, Stephen Cooper, Sacha Cradock, John Dougill, Mick Finch, Rebecca Fortnum, Marilyn Hallam, Clyde Hopkins, Vanessa jackson, Mary Maclean, John Mcleod, Lee Maelzer, Dawn Mellor, Gill Ord, Tim Renshaw, Danny Rolph, Howard Rogers, Alan Shipway, David Small, and Rosie West. 2013 Painting/Tableau/Stage, The Urban Art Space, Columbus, Ohio. With Moyra Derby, Stuart Elliot, Mick Finch and Beth Harland. 2013 Summer Saloon, The Lion & Lamb, London. With : Phillip Allen, Kiera Bennet,t Simon Bill,Juan Bolivar, Claudia Böse, John Bunker, Jane Bustin, Stephen Chambers, John Chilver Richard Clegg, Dan Coombs, Ashley Davies, Benjamin Deakin, Hayley Field, Mick Finch, Kirsten Glass, Andrew Graves, Hanz Hancock, Dan Hays, Mark Jones, David Leeson, Caroline List, Declan McMullan, Patrick Morrissey, Alex Gene Morrison, Joe Packer, Andy Parkinson, Dan Perfect, Daniel Pettitt, Clare Price, Fiona Rae, Andrew Seto, Francesca Simon, Lucy Stein, Michael Stubbs, Emma Talbot, Dolly Thompsett, Michelle Ussher, Jacqueline Utley, Covadonga Valdes, Caroline Walker, Mark Wright, Freyja Wright. 2013 Dirty Pop, & Model, Leeds. With Dan Coombs, Mick Finch, Colin Smith, Richard Clegg, Andrea Medjesi Jones, John Stark, Sarah Pickstone, Phil Allen, Mark Wright, Nadine Feinson, Michael Stubbs, Nelson Diplexcito, James White, Jake Clark, David Leeson, Dan Hays, Duncan Newton, Peter Jones, Gavin Lockheart 2013 With Torch and Spear: constructing collage, curated by Ian Dawson, Winchester School of Art Gallery. With Team Shag,Ian Monroe, Chantal Joff, ,Kirsten Glass, John Stezaker, Alexine Chanel, Marcus Harvey, Joseph Cornell, Eduardo Paolozzi, Michael Therbridge, Kristin Posehn, Jack Lavender, Jessica Taylor, Nicola Manuel, Danny Aldred, Steve Cooper, , Louisa Minkin, Claire Mitten, Mia Taylor, Ian Dawson, Mick Finch 2012 Picture/Tableau/Screen, a visual symposium at the Herbert Read Gallery, Uuniversity for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, organised by Moyra Derby and Matthew de Pulford. With Derek Hampson, Jost Munster, Beth Harland and John Gillet, Joan Key and Anton Lukeszevieze, Nicky Hamlyn, Laura Lisbon, Andrea Medjesi Jones, Bob Matthews, Philomene Perecki, Ian Bottle, Kate Hawkins, Anthony Matt and Pat O'Conner

2012 Ex Roma, A.P.T Gallery, London with Edward Peake, Dragica Carlin, Luke Caulfield, Graham Durwood, William Gharrale, Philip Allen, Martin Westwood, Lothar Götz, Mick Finch, David Smith, Diana Taylor, David Lock, Jessica Fitzpatrick, Fiona Macdonald, Vovadonga Valdes. 2011 The Pavement and the Beach, Paradise Row, London, with Jean-Michel André,Jesse Ash, Alex Bag, Diann Bauer, Ashley Bickerton, Martha Colburn, Will Cotton, Shezad Dawood, Nooshin Farhid,Mounir Fatmi, Mick Finch, Claire Fontaine, Margarita Gluzberg, Jeremy Hutchison, Steven Le Priol, Edouard Levé, Peter Lewis, Guillaume Paris, Clunie Reid, SIGUI, Sol'Sax and Reena Spaulings 2011 'One Day Wonder'. Valentines Mansion, Ilford, Essex 2011 'The Producers ', The British School at Rome, Rome. Exhibition documentation, exhibition images. 2009 RCA Secrets 2009, Royal College of Art, London (images of postcards 1, 2, 3). 2008 RCA Secrets 2008, Royal College of Art, London. 2008 Constellation, oeuvres sur papier, Louisa Minkin - Gérard Diaz - Florim Hasani - Mick Finch - Julie Lorinet - Régis Rizzo - Franz Ackerman, Las galerie, Paris

2008 ‘Spitting Distance’, Mick Finch and Guillaume Paris, Five Years, London. Exhibition documentation.

2007 Las galerie @ se0ne, London, Mauren Brodbeck, Philippe Fabian, Mick Finch, Regis Rizzo, Claude Temin Vergez 2007 'Doubleuse', The Nunnery gallery , Bow Arts Trust, London, with Pavel Büchler, Moyra Derby, Mick Finch, Jane Harris, Gerard Hemsworth, Louise Hopkins, Richard Kirwan, Sadie Murdoch, Katherine McKee, Ben Ravenscroft, Caragh Thuring, Amikam Toren & John Wilkins. 2006 ‘Mickey dans tous ses états’, Artcurial, Paris, with Anger, Arroyo, Basquiat, Bury, Cartiser, Castelbajac, Combas, Condo, Dalek, Dion, Earnshaw, Errò, Finch, Galloway, Haring, Huart, Interduck, Khazem, Khimoune, Kliaving, Lafay, Lavier, McMillen, Mendras, Murakami, Ospina, Pavlos, Pennec, Pensato, Pras, Rancillac, Reip, Ru, Saul, Schmid, Schmidt, Shallit, Spiller, Tianbing, Van Caeckenbergh, Van Der Sterren, Ultra Violet, Yoshida, Ziwei. 2006 ‘Abstract Mode’, Fosterart, London, with Olivier Gourvil, Jane Harris, Richard Kirwan , Monique Prieto, Danny Rolph, Gary Simmonds, Daniel Sturgis,Claude Temin-Vergez . 2006 ‘Trendmarks’, galerie Suty, Coye-la-Forêt, France 2005 'Mythomania', suppléments temporaires au LAAC, (Lieu d'art & action contemporain), Jardin de Sculptures, Dunkerque. Amikam Toren, Jane Harris, John Wilkins, Katherine McKee, Louise Hopkins, Mick Finch, Moyra Derby 2005 'Mythomania', The Metropole, Folkestone, England. 2004 'Episode 1 dessin', Galerie Pitch, Paris. 2003 "L'art dans ses passages/ Ce que porte la peinture", curated by Tristan Trémeau, with Aristide Bianchi, Gabriele Chiari, Ron Johnson & Roxana Stoleru. Galerie Pitch, Paris. 2003 'Dessins d'ici', ESAD, Amiens, France et l'espace St-Jacques de St-Quentin, St-Quentin, France. 2001 'Appelation d'origine non controlée', Maison de la culture d'Amiens and the Espace culturel François-Mitterand, Beauvais, France. 2000 'Le pays où le ciel est toujours bleu', Orleans, France. With: Bonnefoi, Corne, Fanchon, Gelzer, Joubert, Labussiére, Madaoui, Monteault, Perrot, Phelipott, Prulhière, Rivey, Taïb, Turpin, Urgano Bravo. 2000 'The Wreck of Hope', curated by the Friedrich Society, The Nunnery Gallery, London. 1999 'Du côté du tableau II', with Bonnefoi, Joubert, Pinceman, Prulhiere and Richard. Galerie le Carré, Lille. 1998 'Tech', Gallerie é.o.f., Paris. 1998 'Tech', Jason & Rhodes Gallery, London. 1998 'Suface', Art & Patrimoine, Paris 1997 'push', Gallerie é.o.f., Paris with Cefai, Colrat,Teisseire. 1997 Ateliers Portes Ouvertes Des Artistes De l'Oise, Conseil Général De L'Oise. 1997 La Biennale d'Issy, Issey-Les-Moulineaux, France. 1997 10 Jours de l'Art Contemporain, Galerie Art & Patrimoine, Paris. 1996 'Color & Light', Jeffrey Coploff Gallery , New York. 1996 Gallery artists, Purdy Hicks, London. 1994 'Credo', Purdy Hicks, London. 1994 '3/4 South Square, London with David Hiscock. 1994 Contemporary Art Society Art Market, London. 1994 ' L'Ame du Fond', Couvent des Cordeliers, Paris (F.R.A.C. d'Ile de France). 1994 'Drawing', Purdy Hicks, London. 1993 'Le Sens Figuré'. Tour of Canada : Centre Culturel Pierrefonds, Galerie Les3 C, La Salle, Maison de la Culture Côte-des Nieges,Studio A Montreal. 1993 'Credo', Purdy Hicks, London.Europ 'Art Sans Frontieres Espace Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris. 1993 'What Are They Doing Now', Artists from the BDO Binder Hamlyn Collection, London. 1993 38e Salon de Montrouge, Paris. 1993 Purdy Hicks Gallery Artists, London. 1993 Collection Colas exhibition, Colas, Paris. 1993 The Economist Building Gallery, with Ayres, Porter and Budd. 1993 David Holmes Gallery, Peterboro', with Hilton and Minton. 1993 Parsons School of Art Faculty exhibition, Paris. 1992 'Lo Cal', Institute of Higher Education, London. 1992 Parsons School of Art Faculty exhibition, Paris; 1992 'Le Sens Figuré', Centre International d'Art Contemporain, Montréal, Canada. 1991 Works on Paper, David Holmes Gallery, Peterboro',. 1991 The Green Auction, Bonhams, London 1991 International Contemporary Art Fair, London. 1991 Bohnams Contemporary Art Auction 1991 Gallery Artists, Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London. 1991 The Circle Project, Bermondsey, London. 1989 'Metro', The Cut Gallery, London. 1988 Summer Show, Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London. 1987 'Peter de Francia and Artists Who Studied Under Him', Camden Arts Center, London. 1986 Summer Show, The Moreton Gallery, London. 1986 The Druce Exhibition, Camden Arts Center, London. 1986 Group show Art Now Gallery, London. 1985 RCA Final Show, The Royal College of Art, London. 1984 Six RCA Painters, Consort Gallery, London. 1981 'Pacesetters1', City Museum, Peterboro'. 1980 Paintings From Ravensbourne,Concourse Gallery, London. 1978 The Stowells Trophey, The Royal Academy, London. 1978 The Northern Young Contemporaries, The Whitworth Museum, Manchester.


2010 - Tableau Project 2006 Machine Room : a blueprint for painting, research group (Mick Finch, Beth Harland, Louisa Minkin & Claude Temin-Vergez) engaged with questions of painting and its contexts, workshop project, Crate Space, Margate, U.K., July – September 2006. Project website : http://www.cratespace.co.uk/machineroom/ .

awards and prizes

2003 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant 1985 The Unilever Award 1985 The Unilever Purchase Prize 1985 The Neville Burston Award 1982 The Milner Kite Award 1976 The Wiggins Teape Award

selected collections

The Royal Mint Collection Deutsche Bank Nelson & Hirst Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain d'Ile de France. Colas Peterborough City Gallery Unilever Neville Burston County Nat West The Groucho Club BDO Binder Hamlyn The Circle Ltd;. Partnership, London TI Group PLC The Royal College of Art

fellowship / residence

2011 Abbey Fellowship in Painting, British School in Rome, January – March, 2011. 2005 Terra Foundation for American Art Fellowship, Musée d’Art Americain Giverny.

exhibition texts and reviews

2017 Article about the 'Inner Landscapes' exhibition at the Sid Motion Gallery in Wallpaper Magazine by James Warren.
2017 Article about the 'Inner Landscapes' exhibition at the Sid Motion Gallery in AnOther Magazine by Billie Muraben.
2009 "Cuestion de visibilidad" , dossier "Abstraccion hoy" by Tristan Trémeau, Exit Express magazine n°46 octobre 2009. Featured in the article Cuestion de visibilidad by Tristan Trémeau, about the contemporary context of painting, for the Spanish journal Exit Express.

2008 'Montages de quelques archives du travail du travail de (l'histoire de) art' article by Tristan Trémeau, L'Art Même N°38, bruxelles, 1e trimestre 2008

2005 Tristan Trémeau, ‘Le Tact du Tableau’, Art 21, N° 3. 2005 Tristan Trémeau, ‘ Soudain, les fantômes théologiques de l’image vinrent à ma rencontre ‘, L’Art Même, 2e trimestre, 2005. 2004 Stéphane Doré, 'Stations', Mick Finch et Olivier Gourvil, Amilly,Centre, exhibition catalogue. 2001 Review of the exhibition 'Apellation d'origine non contrôlée' by Tristan Trémeau, Artpress 274, December,2001 2001 'Le Crisscross pop art / supports-surfaces croiser les faire' byTristan Trémeau, Ligeia, Special edition, 'Nouvelles abstractions'. 2001 Review of the exhibition 'Courant d'air'; 'L'art sans territoire fixe' by Amandine Delcourt, DDO n°44. 2000 Review of the exhibition 'Le pays où le ciel est toujours bleu', 'Trans/formes', France Culture, 7 June 2000. 2000 Review of the 'Wreck of Hope' by Michael Wilson in Art Monthly, May 2000. 1998 Review of 'plus près que vous ne le croyiez' , by Tristan Trémeau in Artpress, December edition. 1998 Beaux Arts Magazine, 'À Voir' ,Oct. '98. 1998 Pariscope, July 1998, preview in 'échos'. 1998 'In the Image of Painting /A l'Image de la Peinture' catalogue text by Philip Armstrong, for the exhibition 'plus près que vous ne le croyiez', Art & Patrimoine Paris, France. 1998 'Peinture Critique', catalogue text by Tristan Trémeau for the exhibition 'closer than you think 2', Le Carré, Lille, France. 1998 'Du Pré-texte à L'Oeuvre', article by Tristan Trémeau, DDO, N° 32, France. 1998 'Artist Transmanche', interview with Tristan Trémeau in DDO, N°32, France. 1998 Art & Antiquities du Nord, N° 7, June - July - August. 1997 'Push', feature on the exhibition, Elle magazine (France), Nov. '97. 1997 'Push' reviewed by Christophe Domino for Accrochage, Frequence Protestante, France. 1996 review of 'color and light' by Dominique Nahas, www.plexus.org 1996 'Constable on Opium' catalogue text Friedhelm Hütte, Contemporary Art at Deutsche Bank, The Deutsche Bank collection catalogue. 1994 'L'Ame du Fonds', catalogue text by Enrique Juncosa, F.R.A.C. d'Ile de France. 1994 'N17', catalogue text by John Milne and Mick Finch, Purdy Hicks, London 1993 La Collection Colas, catalogue monograph by Fabrice Hergott, Colas, Paris. 1992 'Le Sens Figuré', monograph by Bernard Goy, F.R.A.C. d'Ile de France, Paris. 1992 Preview by Alistair Hicks. Antique and New Art, Summer edition. 1992 Interview with Dominque Hoff, Bonjour Magazine, Institut Francais de Londre. 1991 'City and Dogs', article by Enrique Juncosa, Balcon N°38. 1990 'Sodium Nights', catalogue text by James Maw, Pomeroy Purdy London. 1985 'The Final Shows', review by William Feaver, The Financial Times, London.

catalogues / book projects / journals

2015 With Laura Lisbon and Dan Sturgis edited and co-author of the editorial for the Journal of Contemporary Painting Volume 1, number 2 on Simon Hantaï. 2014 With Beth Harland edited and co-author of the editorial for Volume 1, number 1 of the Journal of Contemporary Painting, 'Painting and Cinema'. 2013 LAS galerie, ‘Trisquare – Closer Than You Think, peintures 1996-98’, Paris, 2013 Engrams, exhibition catalogue, The Piper Gallery, London with Notes on the Engrams by Mick Finch. 2013 Edited Volume 12, Number 1, 2013 of the Journal of Visual Art Practice featuring the research papers from the Tableau: Painting Photo Object symposium at Tate Modern. Includes the article 'The Tableau Project' 'by Mick Finch and papers by Cristina Cojanu, Moyra Derby, Adi Efal, Francis Gaube, Atsuhide Ito, Laura Lisbon, Cédric Loire, Andrea Medjesi-Jones and Alexandra Oliver. 2010 Bare Life, exhibition catalogue, Pinson Press / Las galerie, London,Paris. 2010 Constellation, Pinson Press, London 2009 With Chris Smith edited 'Writing on Practice', n°. 8.1/2 of the Journal of Visual Art Practice that also includes the article Studio Notes: Closer Than You Think, Ply-, Sublimey and Nevermind. 2008 Five Years Periodical vol.2, n°.1, Five Years, London. 2008 Taken As Read, Moments Artistique/Pinson Press, Paris 2007 Point de fuite / vanishing point, Gallery 33/Pinson Press, Berlin. 2006 LasGalerie "Closer than you think" Paris, France

2006 ‘Mickey dans tous ses états, Artcurial, Paris. 2004 Mick Finch/Olivier Gourvil, Amilly,Centre. Text by Stéphane Doré. 2003 (Group exhibition) Dessins d'Ici, L'Espace St. Jacques, St. Quentin, France, Galerie la Petite Fabrique, Amiens, France, text by Alain Snyers. 2002 CD ROM catalogue for the exhibition 'Appelation d'origine non controlée', Maison de la culture d'Amiens /Espace culturel François-Mitterand, Beauvais, France. 2001 'La collection du Fonds régional d'art contemporain d'Ile-de-France', catalogue and CD ROM of the collection. 2000 The TI Group Art Collection, Painting Graduates of the Royal College of Art, 1975 - 2000, TI Group, London. 2000 (Group exhibition) 'Le pays où le ciel est toujours bleu', published by the association '20 rue des Curés', Orleans, France. 1998 (Solo exhibition) 'plus près que vous ne le croyiez', text by Philip Armstrong (French and English), published by Galerie Art & Patrimoine, Paris, France. 1998 (Solo exhibition) 'Closer Than You Think 2', text by Tristan Trémeau (French), published by Galerie Le Carré, Lille, France 1998 (Group exhibition) 'Tech', text by Mick Finch (English), published by Galerie é.o.f., Paris, France & Jason & Rhodes Gallery, London, England 1997 (Group exhibition) La Biennale D'Issy, published by the La Biennale d'Issy, Issey-Les-Moulineaux, France 1996 Deutsche Bank collection catalogue, text by Friedhelm Hütte (English), published by Deutsche Bank, London ,England. 1994 (Solo exhibition) 'N17', text by John Milne (English), published by the Purdy Hicks Gallery, London, England 1994 (Group exhibition) 'L'Ame du Fond', text by Enrique Juncosa (French), published by the F.R.A.C. d'Ile de France, Paris, France. 1993 (Group exhibition) Collection Colas, text by Fabrice Hergott, published by Colas, Paris, France. 1992 (Group exhibition) 'Le Sens Figuré'. text by Bernard Goy (French), published by the F.R.A.C. d'Ile de France, Paris, France. 1991 Bohnams Contemporary Art Auction, auction catalogue, Bohnams, London, England. 1990 (Solo exhibition) 'Sodium Nights', text by James Maw (English), published by the Pomeroy Purdy, London, England.

Mick Finch

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