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FELIX OEHMANN is a creative artist, who was born in Germany - other established artists such as Ulrich Panzer, Barbara Eichhorn, Sven Druehl, Rebecca Uliczka, and Manfred Kuttner were also born in Germany.

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FELIX OEHMANN is a notable figure within the fields of Conceptual and Design. Defined as a movement in the late 1960s, simultaneously in Europe and America, Conceptual art was highly influenced by the simplicity of Minimalism, although it took a step further in rejecting all pre-existing conceptions one would have about art. Defining Conceptual art can be intricate, as the boundaries are not clearly set, and constantly evolving. The artworks can take the form of almost anything, but the essential idea remains the same - the strategies and concepts behind the art are more important than the finished artwork itself. The conceptual artists use a variety of materials and forms to freely explore the multitude of possibilities through which they want to convey their message. Some of the most prominent figures of Conceptualism include artists such as Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner and Yoko Ono. French artist Marcel Duchamp is considered to be the forefather of Conceptualism, with his artwork Fontaine, where he controversially tried to blur the boundaries between art and reality.

Since the early 20th century, the word “design” has been used to refer to objects appreciated for the aesthetic qualities they convey. It was often used in correlation with the decorative-arts, but with the societal shifts of the twentieth and twentyfirst century, the term “design” expanded to a wider field, and now includes areas such as industrial design, graphic design and fashion design. Some of the most significant design movements include The Arts and Crafts movements and the Bauhaus, which succeeded in unifying artistic creativity with the manufacturing of objects.

At the moment, FELIX OEHMANN has a total of seven artworks for sale at Artland.


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