Felix Carr

1993 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Experimenting with various combinations of abstract forms and vibrant washes of color in his work, British artist Felix Carr expresses his incredibly master of the power of linework to convey such a rich array of motifs.

Interspersing references to the figural across his dynamic compositions, Carr pulls the viewer into his work with a delightful combination of soothing, satisfying color. Unpacking these references makes Carr’s work all the more compelling.

Born in 1993, Carr earned a BA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2016. Today, Carr is based in London and has enjoyed recognition for his work in the form of the Stevenston Painting Prize from Royal Scottish Academy, which he won in 2017. He has also been afforded ample opportunity to exhibit his work. Recent solo showcases include “Artt&Go No.23” at The Loft in Lille (2018); “Only My Right Hand Is Mine” at Public Gallery in London (2018); and “An Arrow Through My Bathroom Window” at Achenbach Hagemeier in Düsseldorf (2019).

Felix Carr

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