Fabian Albertini & Alex Dorici


Artist biography

Fabian Albertini (b.1965, Italy) is an artist based between Reggio Emilia and Rio de Janeiro. Albertini is guided by her interests in perception, movement, the relationship between man and environment through dialogues between art and spirituality. Combining photography, installation and overpainted photographs, her projects often show fieldwork in remote locations – such as deserts, volcanos and rainforest.

Alex Dorici (b.1979, Switzerland) of Italian and Portuguese nationality, was born in Lugano where he currently lives and works. Since 2007 his artistic production has been profoundly marked by a persistent research of the dialogue between the work of art, the surrounding environment and the public. Moreover, the artist has constantly been challenged by the street art language and made subtle interventions, using the tape in order to give a new dimension to the abandoned urban spaces. Sensitive to the frenetic consumerism and the consequent debris, Dorici paid a special attention to the use of recycled materials, inviting to an ethical fruition of his installations.

Fabian Albertini & Alex Dorici

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