Erich Weiss

1966 · Belgium

Artist biography

Erich Weiss is an artist that cannot be confined to just one medium. Mixing contemporary art, dada, and surrealism, Weiss creates his own fantasy world populated by humans and mythical beings alike. He arouses discomfort in his audiences through the provocative use of the familiar paired with the invented; providing a unique version of reality and legend. He has most recently been exploring the myth of the ‘femme fatale’ in his collection “On Meeting the 100% Perfect Girl”.

In order to create such worlds Weiss experiments with photography, video, drawing, collage, installation, and performance art. Drawing inspiration for his staging and performance art from long walks, he gathers information from reality; often alluding to local contexts, literature, and art history.

Born in 1966 in Waregem, Belgium he now lives and works in Belgium and France. He has created numerous site-specific projects through Asia, Europe, and the United States. His most recent solo show was held at Hans & Fritz Contemporary in London.

Erich Weiss

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